Wholesale ordering process

      1. Add all desired items to your shopping bag.

      2. Wholesale Discount:  As of early January 2022, we are trying automatic discounts. Discount levels are shown below in BLUE.

      3. Shipping fee: Shipping will be invoiced when your order is ready. Shipping fee on international orders will depend on current rates and chosen service.

       4. Lead times: Lead times will vary depending on the number of orders we are processing. Please check in advance if you have an event you are planning for.

       5. International shipping policy: Current shipping rates and arrival times are varying wildly around the world. Luckily we have seen no lost shipments but delivery times are wholly unpredictable. We can not make or back any guarantees. We normally use USPS, but you are welcome to choose any service you prefer. Again, we have seen no lost international shipments but due to escalating COVID-related issues we must regretfully (and hopefully temporarily) begin the following policy: 1) We can not guarantee delivery times. 2) We can not refund for delayed or lost shipments once the item leaves the USA. We will refund for any orders returned to us as undeliverable - minus shipping fee. 3) We are happy to attempt to garner information from the USPS but once the item leaves the country we will not be able to offer any further information. (The last tracking event before the item leaves the USA is usually Jamaica, NY - which is JFK Airport).


If you experience any difficulty putting your order through, PLEASE email us at info@floopsstitchmarkers.com.

Discount levels:

LEVEL1 -  38% discount; will apply to pre-discount subtotal $250.00 to $399.99

LEVEL2 -  40% discount will apply to pre-discount subtotal $400.00 to $549.99

LEVEL3 -  42.5% discount will apply to pre-discount subtotal $550.00 to $849.99

LEVEL5 -   45% discount will apply to pre-discount subtotal $850.00 and up